Sunday, May 9, 2010

S3D Camera Rig with ICE

An S3D camera rig using ICE.
Driving projection plane parameters has always been touchy in Softimage, and ICE is a bit shaky on driving parameters instead of using expressions, so at the moment its not the most stable solution. But ICE is the easiest place to visualize the intended functionality of a stereo 3D camera rig.

The S3D rig can be parallel, converged or shift rig (optical shift or film back slide etc), and the convergence plane can be moved with a target null or slide animated.

The control property page for the rig can be found by selecting the S3DcameraRig Model, open an ICEtree view and recycle it, and double click on the S3DcameraRig_gDc compound that appears.

Here's a model/emdl of the S3D rig with and without an interest, as well as the compound used to drive the rig, and a compound to visualize the actual view frustum as Softimages does not consider film back or optical shifts, and and fxtree to set up optimized anaglyph viewing and side by side output.
DL the files or DragnDrop the links into a Softimage view:
To view the anaglyph in your viewport you'll need Ben Rogalls stereo addon:
Here's and expression based S3D camera rig. that's more stable but quickly done for a tutorial has less options, I'll add more later.

3DWorld Magazine Stereo 3D competition, Autodesk Softimage Tutorial

Video is larger on 3D World Magazine site.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


try animating the shape in fxtree, or using an image sequence as texture